Why do fad diets fail?

If 98% of diets are doomed to fail why do we continue to try them…and fail?

What is a fad diet?

A ‘fad’ is considered to be something that is very popular but only for a short time. Therefore diets that are popular for a short time whether within our culture or within our own minds fad diets. A fad diet to one person may be a way of living for another person. Consider that some people thrive on low carb, others on low fat (although this is questionable healthwise), low protein, vegetarian, meatarian, gluten free, low salt, raw food, fruitarian. The list is endless! Regardless if its not something that you can maintain then it’s a fad and it wont work for you.

What is a healthy eating regime?

A healthy eating regime changes behaviour. The number one reason fail to maintain their weight after losing it on a fad or short term diet is that they haven’t learnt how to incorporate daily food preparation into their practice. We need to find what works for us individually; what fits into our daily lifestyle and what changes can we make for ourselves to ensure we live life to the full and have the best of health. A short term weight loss diet may work for some and may even provide the initial push we need but we really need to focus on what makes us feel good. By feeling good I mean real feelings not ‘oh that pastry made me feel better because it satisfied my sugar craving that was making me grumpy but Im going to feel like crap in 20 minutes when I have a sugar crash’ I mean a glow inside – no digestive pain, no inflammation, good skin, hair and nails.


In my experience most people feel their best when they focus less on their weight and more on feeling good within themselves. This consists of loads of vegetables, a little fruit, a little meat, some nuts and seeds and an occasional treat.

How can we eat in a non-faddy way?

This is what we should be aspiring to; eating in a way that doesn’t require me to be ‘on’ or ‘off’ or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ . Is this way of eating something I can do forever or is it giving me a kickstart to get to where I want to be? That is your healthy eating regime.

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