Review: Ebb Tides Seaweed shakers

Devon based seaweed company Ebb Tides was founded by a lovely chap named Tony Coulson who loves (funnily enough) seaweed. Tony worked in aquaculture, fisheries and environmental protection before living his dream of founding Ebb Tides. fullsizeoutput_ef6

Ebb Tides’ seaweed is hand harvested from a stretch of Devon’s beautiful south coast. During the summer months is when most of the harvesting is done. Like all vegetables the harvest needs to be timed for optimal flavour and goodness. Sometimes this means the harvest is done at other times of the year Laver/Nori from February  to April Kelps can be harvested most of the year but the majority of the seaweeds are harvested between May and mid-October. Being fully licenced as a Commercial Seaweed Fishery from the Crown Estate , Tony works with Natural England to ensure his seaweed is harvested ethically and sustainably.

Obtaining the best flavour combinations Tony decided to consult with the Chef Noel Corston. Noel’s restaurant in Devon offers a tasting menu based on local and seasonal ingredients, set in an intimate environment seating just 10. Noel and Tony combined flavours to enhance umami, the fifth flavour taste. Umami, a Japanese word, has been described as the more-ish flavour behind soya sauce.

As well as adding superb flavour to dishes, savoury or sweet, seaweed has health benefits too.

  • Great for digestive health – low GI, high in fibre and a probiotic
  • High in nutrients, low in calories – reportedly an excellent source of calcium, iodine, folate, magnesium, and especially rich in B vitamins.
  • A great weight loss tool – trials have shown that the natural fibre found in Kelp Alginate stops the body from absorbing fat better than many anti-obesity treatments currently available over the counter.
  • Heart-healthy – packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which help to raise healthy HDL cholesterol levels, while lowering harmful LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Hormone & thyroid friendly – high levels of iodine help regulate thyroid function.

If you like to add flavour that is full of vitamins  and minerals then look no further than Ebb Tides seaweed range. £4.75 per shaker or £4.50

For recipe inspiration, from pasta sauce to salad to smoothie, visit their website. You can also purchase the products over here at their shop.


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