gazpacho cocktail

Zesty cocktail gazpacho

Its been a long day here so my husband thought he’d get all creative with the cocktail shaker to symbolise the first day of our holidays. Here is his recipe for a little summery (boozy) treat: Lime zest x 2 limes Limes squeezed x 4 Bacardi x 100ml Vodka x 25ml Lemonade x 400ml Brown […]

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wheatfree pancakes

Wheat free pancakes

Ingredients: Pancakes: Oats x 2 tbsp Pea protein x 2 tbsp Banana x 1 Almond (or dairy/oat/any nut) milk x 50ml Eggs x 2 Makes 6 medium sized pancakes Topping: Natural Greek yoghurt x 200gm Honey x 1 tbsp Cinnamon x 2 tsp Method: Pancakes Blitz the oats into oat flour or fine particles in […]

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protein quiche

Vegetable & protein quiche

Ingredients: Pastry: Spelt flour x 2 1/2 cups Eggs x 2 Salt x 1tsp Coconut Oil x 4 tbsp Filling: Eggs x 7 Milk x 100ml (cow’s, almond, pat or rice) Fetta or Bacon x 200gm Red Capsicum x 1 cut into squares Red Onion x 1 sliced Courgette x 1 sliced or grated Carrot […]

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Lactation cookies

If you are looking to increase your milk supply or simply maintain a good supply here is a recipe to try. It’s also tasty and delicious. Enjoy! Ingredients: Linseeds/Flaxseeds x 40gm Water x 80ml Brewer’s yeast x 2tbsp Butter, cubed x 180gm (or healthy oil such as cold pressed Rapeseed or Coconut) Rapadura sugar or […]

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Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes Serves 4 Ingredients: Cod Fillets x 250 g (or other white fish or tinned tuna) Shallot Onions x 20 g Gourmet Garden – Thai Herb and Spice Blend, 3/4 tsp (4 g) Rapeseed oil x 1 Tablespoon /15gms Potato x 200 g Sweet potato x 200 g Medium Free Range Egg x 1 […]

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peach upsidedown cake

Upside-down Peach Cake

Serves 8 Ingredients: Self raising flour x 400gm < Egg x 1 Sliced Tinned Peaches In Light Syrup 410gm x 1 tin Caster Sugar x 75 grams Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed) x 6 Tablespoon /15gms Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract x 1 tsp Drain the peaches keeping separating the peaches from the liquid but keeping the […]

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Home made dumplings!

My friend made a Chinese feast for us yesterday. How lucky am I? The dumplings (on the right) were delicious especially dipped in mother’s home made chilli sauce. Sweet & sour chicken made with tomato ketchup and vinegar – not as traditionally as I expected but delicious. Seaweed soup – amazingly light and tasty. The […]

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valentine chocolates

Chocolate nibbles for Valentine’s day

I made these today for my Valentines Day coffee morning with the girls. They were quite a hit! They are 56 calories each and amazingly they satisfy the chocolate urge. I find 1 or 2 is enough as they are quite rich. Cocoa powder x 40gm Nuts x 125gm (I used walnuts but you could […]

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oat pancakes

Oat & Blueberry Pancakes

Check out Nichole’s healthy pancakes. I’m going to try these on the weekend but if you so please let me know!

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