DIY Coconut Yoghurt

What is it about coconut that tastes so amazing? I could eat it all day long; whether its in a soup, an oil, a yoghurt or a pina colada! As far as recipe experiments go this one was alot of fun to eat afterward. Next on the list is almond yoghurt – it’s currently in the Easiyo but I am having difficulty making it thick enough. Any tips welcome!

Coconut milk or Coconut cream tins x 3
Greek yoghurt x 3 tbsp
Vanilla essence x 1 tsp
Coconut sugar (optional sweetness) x 1 tbsp  (more…)

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blackberry jam

How to make the best (healthy) blackberry jam

Blackberry jam is about the only jam I like to be honest. My family love jam though so this recipe is for them….mostly!

We’ve also been picking blackberries as its an easy, fun thing to do with the kids. It is important to me to teach my children the origins of food so we often go foraging or look at the animals at the local farm butcher and we grow our own (badly!). If you’ve not heard about Chia seeds, you must have been living under a rock…or in Europe! They’ve been less popular here due to Novel food issues but they were approved in 2009. Phew. (more…)

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