Pumpkin & Chocolate Brownies

brownies-biggerHappy Halloween everyone!

We are getting into the spirit of Halloween here by carving a pumpkin (a combined Granny/Grandson activity). I got the easy job of using the leftover pumpkin so I decided to make brownies with it. I’m always trying to reduce butter and sugar in recipes and this one contains no butter at all. It does have sugar but I did manage to reduce the excessive amount in usual brownie recipes by 1/3.

Pumpkin x 425 g (makes 300gm cooked)
Brown Sugar x 300 g
Cocoa x 100 g
Pure Vanilla Extract x 2 tbsp
Plain Flour x 225 g
Egg – Medium x 2
Walnut Pieces x 75 g
Dates x 25 g

Steam the pumpkin in 1/2cm water for 10 mins. Strain and whizz in blender to smooth consistency
Add all other ingredients to blender and whizz
Cook for 20 mins at 180c
Cool and cut into 15 pieces

Nutrition notes:
Pumpkin contains fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A that are essential for good eye-sight. Its used here as a high fibre substitute for butter. Walnuts provide healthy fats that balance blood sugar levels. Vanilla is a healthier sugar substitute and enhancer (to replace some not all sugar).

Cals: 216
Carbs: 32
Fat: 6
Protein: 5
Fibre: 2
Sugar: 21

Have you used your pumpkin to make anything healthy or tasty? Let me know or tweet me a photo if you have!

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Emma Wight-Boycott MSc is a natural health advocate with a passion for simplifying the science. Emma works with postnatal mums, weekend runners and those with digestive issues to rediscover their health mojo!

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  1. Moira Reply

    These look and sound delicious! I’m not a big fan of all-purpose flour as you know, but I’m going to try making your brownies with a barley/einkhorn combination and perhaps later using coconut and sorghum for a GF version.

    • EmmaNutrition Reply

      I agree that the flour could easily be replaced. Coconut flour would be brilliant I think. Coconut oil would also be a good addition to add texture!

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