Butternut Squash Bake

If you have ever wondered what to make with butternut squash (or butternut pumpkin for my Aussie and Kiwi readers) this post should help you out. I love this curvy little vegetable even if it doesn’t promote itself much; it is rather understated considering its nutritional value. Did you know a butternut squash contains nearly as much potassium (284mg/100gm) as a banana (358mg/100gm), one quarter of our minimum daily requirement of vitamin C (15mg/100gm) and four times as much vitamin A (11,155IU/100gm) as we need, at a minimum, per day. Butternut squash really are such versatile; you can use them to make soup, squash spaghetti with a spiralizer or bake them like this easy, hearty recipe below.
Butternut Squash Bake
Serves 1 or 2
Butternut Squash Bake
1 x butternut squash
1/4 of a red pepper finely chopped
1/8 of a red onion finely chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
Pinch of fresh/dried chilli pieces
Salt and pepper
Crumbled goats cheese
Dried mixed herbs or basil

Cut a butternut squash in half
Remove seeds with a spoon and score the inside of the flesh by making vertical and horizontal cuts. Place on a baking tray/dish
Combine the red onion, red pepper, chilli, herbs and olive oil in a container then spoon into the centre of the butternut squash
Cook at 180C for 35 mins
Add crumbled goats cheese on top and cook for a further 5 mins
Serve with a salad or eat on it’s own.
Perfect warming food for a cold windy day!

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