DIY Coconut Yoghurt

What is it about coconut that tastes so amazing? I could eat it all day long; whether its in a soup, an oil, a yoghurt or a pina colada! As far as recipe experiments go this one was alot of fun to eat afterward. Next on the list is almond yoghurt – it’s currently in the Easiyo but I am having difficulty making it thick enough. Any tips welcome!

Coconut milk or Coconut cream tins x 3
Greek yoghurt x 3 tbsp
Vanilla essence x 1 tsp
Coconut sugar (optional sweetness) x 1 tbsp 


Combine all ingredients into an Easiyo container and shake.

Seal and place in the Easiyo thermos with boiling water. Do keep 3 tbsp to make your second batch or you can buy dairy free culture. Always keep 3 tablespoons to make your next batch. 

For added flavour you can add whizzed berries or tropical fruit before fermenting or afterward.

Nutrition notes:

Enjoy in moderation as this is high in calories but also very high in enzymes, gut-friendly probiotics and healthy fats that are necessary for skin, hair, nerve and heart function.

Have you tried coconut yoghurt or DIY yoghurt? Please share any tips or flavours you may have discovered.

Wondering what an Easiyo is or how you can find one? Easiyo often have deals on this home made yoghurt maker.

If you prefer to buy the sachets that are coconut flavoured and made with dairy these are very tasty and what I usually use and are available here.

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