Love Your Gut – ebook

love-icon-ebookThis step by step ebook outlines a plan for discovering your personal dietary and lifestyle triggers. With detailed explanations of how the digestive system works, how different foods can affect us and what we can actually DO to heal ourselves this ebook will help you to find your own recipe for self healing.

You may suspect you have a reaction to certain foods but you aren’t sure whether you should test yourself or see a practitioner and if so, which test or which practitioner. The complexity of digestive symptoms can be overwhelming; may aim is to gather together and simplify much of the information and provide you with the tools to get to know your own body and how you can either help yourself or find the right direction to get help.

Containing over 100 references and research papers this ebook will hopefully become your go-to resource for the latest diagnosis and treatment protocols. Some of which you can implement immediately, others you may need to put into practice more slowly and others you may need professional assistance with but whichever route you need to go down you will feel more in control and have a better understanding of your own particular digestive system and how it works for you and against you.

Try a sample of the book here.


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