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love-icon-consultLove your Gut food supplement is a gentle gut cleanser using whole food powder. There are no tablets or capsules to break down and assimilate; no additives, no binders, no chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Simply clean, gentle and easy to use.
Containing only real, natural and pure ingredients Love your Gut food supplement has been developed to provide an easy to use food supplement that provides essential nutritional assistance in the form of healthy fibre and micro nutrients.

What is in it?
Whole food plant based nutritionally dense ingredients that have been shown to help reduce inflammation and improve gut function. (check this statement with the ASA)

What if I can’t handle fibre?
Some people find they cannot consume fibre of any sort whether as a vegetable or supplement. In my experience this gets better as you take additional fibre. Fibre is required however you should always start with a low dose and increase it over time that suits your body. Fibre has been shown to be very important for a number of health issues so I would not recommend removing it completely for an extended period of time.

Will it work for me?


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