Chicken, Chilli & Lime Salad


Serves 2

Chicken Breast Fillet 300 g
Garlic x 1 clove (3g)
Carrots x baby 10
Rapeseed Oil x 5 ml
Pineapple – Raw, all varieties, 0.2 fruit
Rocket Salad x 100 g
Sweet Basil x 10 leaves
Kikkoman soy sauce x 2 table spoon (15 ml)

Kikkoman soy sauce (15 ml)
Red Chilli Peppers, x 1 (3 g)
Lime juice x 2  lime yields
Fish Sauce x 10ml<
Natural Brown Sugar x 0.5 teaspoon or 4g

Marinate the chicken in soy sauce and garlic for 20 mins
Cook the chicken in oil in a wok on a medium heat
Remove the chicken from wok and cook the pineapple for 3 minutes. Remove and let it cool.
Combine the dressing ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Add the salad ingredients, chicken and pineapple and toss

Eat and enjoy!!

From my nutrition notes:
Chicken is a lean source of protein that can help stabilise blood sugar. Pineapple contains bromelain that stimulates digestion, as do rocket leaves. Using soy sauce brings a full flavour without adding stock or salt.

Cals: 240
Carbs: 16
Protein: 49
Fibre: 3
Sugar: 7

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