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Pyroluria – nutritional treatment for tension, anxiety and depression

Have you ever suffered from inner tension that you thought was just something you had to live with? Latest research has revealed a condition affecting some (stats are unknown yet) of the population and the best thing of all is that it is treatable. With simple nutrition. Amazing. There will be alot of information over […]

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10 foods to beat afternoon slump

10 of the best foods to beat the afternoon slump

10-foods-to-beat-afternoon-slumpIf you’ve ever suffered the afternoon munchies (like me!) or the brain-deadness that many of us feel around 3pm in the afternoon try these foods to see if you have some improvement in your symptoms. Factor them in as your afternoon snack but don’t have them in addition to a biscuit.

1. Chia seeds – high in Omega 3 oils as well as being a concentrated source of minerals Chia seeds can be made into balls with coconut oil and cocoa for a sweet tooth hit or soaked in water as a drink.

2. Cinnamon – high in Chromium cinnamon is the best spice for balancing blood sugar. Add it to a good quality coffee, tea or yoghurt. 70mcg of Chromium which can reduce blood glucose levels by up to 30%.  (more…)

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lab results

Nutritional Lab Tests [available now!]

Finally I’m so excited to let you know that I’m offering lab tests as a service without your needing to have a full consultation. You can also have a consultation if you like and it would be my pleasure to help you out with your health enquiry 🙂 Did you know that a Lab test can reveal […]

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Me time

I hate the term ‘me time’!

This week I read a blog post by Jana Bakunina about ‘me time‘. She was prompted to write about it after reading a seemingly derogatory article about it. It got me thinking….I remember when I first had my children I was told “you need to have some time to yourself” or “take a little me […]

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Lactation cookies

If you are looking to increase your milk supply or simply maintain a good supply here is a recipe to try. It’s also tasty and delicious. Enjoy! Ingredients: Linseeds/Flaxseeds x 40gm Water x 80ml Brewer’s yeast x 2tbsp Butter, cubed x 180gm (or healthy oil such as cold pressed Rapeseed or Coconut) Rapadura sugar or […]

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Hormone contraceptive injection and type 2 Diabetes

A ground breaking study by Nicole M. Bender has shown that contraceptive implants containing the hormone progestin can increase the risk of developing type 2 Diabetes in obese women. image by Armin Kübelbeck There was a 10 percent increase in fasting blood-glucose levels among the skin implant users, compared to a 5 percent increase among […]

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