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Why do fad diets fail?

If 98% of diets are doomed to fail why do we continue to try them…and fail?

What is a fad diet?

A ‘fad’ is considered to be something that is very popular but only for a short time. Therefore diets that are popular for a short time whether within our culture or within our own minds fad diets. A fad diet to one person may be a way of living for another person. (more…)

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10 foods to beat afternoon slump

10 of the best foods to beat the afternoon slump

10-foods-to-beat-afternoon-slumpIf you’ve ever suffered the afternoon munchies (like me!) or the brain-deadness that many of us feel around 3pm in the afternoon try these foods to see if you have some improvement in your symptoms. Factor them in as your afternoon snack but don’t have them in addition to a biscuit.

1. Chia seeds – high in Omega 3 oils as well as being a concentrated source of minerals Chia seeds can be made into balls with coconut oil and cocoa for a sweet tooth hit or soaked in water as a drink.

2. Cinnamon – high in Chromium cinnamon is the best spice for balancing blood sugar. Add it to a good quality coffee, tea or yoghurt. 70mcg of Chromium which can reduce blood glucose levels by up to 30%.  (more…)

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Lactation cookies

If you are looking to increase your milk supply or simply maintain a good supply here is a recipe to […]

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