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Recipe: DIY Elderberry Cough Syrup

Recipe: DIY Elderberry Cough Syrup

Yesterday my family and I went for a long walk through the countryside. We all started out a little tetchy from various pressures at the moment – Mum and Dad are busy with work projects while the kids have started back at school which is always a shock after the long summer holidays. (more…)

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Why do fad diets fail?

If 98% of diets are doomed to fail why do we continue to try them…and fail?

What is a fad diet?

A ‘fad’ is considered to be something that is very popular but only for a short time. Therefore diets that are popular for a short time whether within our culture or within our own minds fad diets. A fad diet to one person may be a way of living for another person. (more…)

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diy baby wipes

Why you should ditch your beauty products!

diy-baby-wipes As a firm believer in keeping things as simple as possible I am in the process of ditching the whole bathroom cupboard full of ‘stuff’. By stuff I mean chemicals… I’ve long toyed with natural products and gone natural whenever I can. The difference in my skin when I go natural, and when I increase my nutrient levels, is extraordinary – I was pretty pleased when my beautician told me I had beautiful skin and I don’t THINK she said it to butter me up….incidentally if you want to give your skin a huge plumpness boost try upping your dose of Vitamin C. Personally I need 4-8gm per day during the winter. Anyhow…

Recently Moo Goo skin care sent me some samples to try and they were AMAZING. I may have good skin but my scalp is a mess; too many years of dying my blonde hair dark obviously…erm my mousey brown hair to blonde I mean. One wash with their shampoo and conditioner and my scalp was markedly less irritated. Once I added in their scalp cream my scalp felt like it could breathe again. I have now thrown out all of my other shampoo’s and am even aiming to learn to make my own dry shampoo (the godsend product for all busy mum’s!).

Anyhow, there is a stack of information around about chemicals in skin care but where do you start? A few years ago I worked on developing a skin care product range based on Manuka Honey and the project seemed to be never-ending! It was a minefield of unwanted and unused chemicals with contraindications but the chemicals are popular for two reasons: (more…)

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What is a whole grain?

wheatHave you ever wondered what a whole grain actually is? We hear the term and think ‘oh that’s something made with whole grains in it or with brown flour’ but what exactly does the term ‘whole grain’ really mean?

What many of us may not realize is that there is no complete, legally endorsed definition of what comprises whole grain. Which means, for instance, that 35% whole grain on one food label could mean something quite different than 35% whole grain on another. There is now an updated definition – termed HEALTHGRAIN — that is a step toward creating a common understanding of what “whole grain” implies. Current definitions are often incomplete, lacking descriptions of the included grains and the permitted flour manufacturing processes.

“Most cereal products, like white bread, pasta, and biscuits, are based on flour after removal of bran and germ, the two parts of grain kernels containing most of the dietary fibre and other bioactive components. In the past decade, consumers have been rediscovering whole grain-based products and the number of wholegrain products has increased rapidly.” – you can find an abstract of the study here or my copy of the actual report is here. (more…)

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