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Creamy Low Carb Courgetti

Do you ever get a craving for a creamy pasta-style dish but you would rather not eat wheat or gummy gluten free pasta dishes for that matter? When I was vegetarian I had a huge array of pasta dishes to choose from….oh how delicious and easy they were to make but they did contribute to […]

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Butternut Squash Bake

Butternut Squash Bake

If you have ever wondered what to make with butternut squash (or butternut pumpkin for my Aussie and Kiwi readers) this post should help you out. I love this curvy little vegetable even if it doesn’t promote itself much; it is rather understated considering its nutritional value. Did you know a butternut squash contains nearly as much potassium […]

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Lamb burgers with avocado and mango salsa

If you’re after BBQ summer heaven these tasty little burgers are a lovely alternative to beef. Coupled with avocado and mango salsa your taste buds will love you for it! Nutritional info: Lamb is a low allergenic meat ie it rarely tests positive for food intolerances. All of the above ingredients contain low levels of […]

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DIY (Recipe) Elderberry Cough Syrup

This cough syrup is super easy to make, tastes great and can be used for adults or children alike. Elder also known as Black Elder or by its Latin name Sambucus nigra is from the Caprifoliacea family. The flowers of this plant are used for feverish conditions especially where the lungs or whole respiratory tract […]

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Pyroluria – nutritional treatment for tension, anxiety and depression

Have you ever suffered from inner tension that you thought was just something you had to live with? Latest research has revealed a condition affecting some (stats are unknown yet) of the population and the best thing of all is that it is treatable. With simple nutrition. Amazing. There will be alot of information over […]

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10 foods to beat afternoon slump

10 of the best foods to beat the afternoon slump

10-foods-to-beat-afternoon-slumpIf you’ve ever suffered the afternoon munchies (like me!) or the brain-deadness that many of us feel around 3pm in the afternoon try these foods to see if you have some improvement in your symptoms. Factor them in as your afternoon snack but don’t have them in addition to a biscuit.

1. Chia seeds – high in Omega 3 oils as well as being a concentrated source of minerals Chia seeds can be made into balls with coconut oil and cocoa for a sweet tooth hit or soaked in water as a drink.

2. Cinnamon – high in Chromium cinnamon is the best spice for balancing blood sugar. Add it to a good quality coffee, tea or yoghurt. 70mcg of Chromium which can reduce blood glucose levels by up to 30%.  (more…)

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lab results

Nutritional Lab Tests [available now!]

Finally I’m so excited to let you know that I’m offering lab tests as a service without your needing to have a full consultation. You can also have a consultation if you like and it would be my pleasure to help you out with your health enquiry 🙂 Did you know that a Lab test can reveal […]

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fitness lady

Become a Nutrition Expert and Help People Fulfil Their potential

Become a Nutrition Expert and Help People Fulfil Their potential Do you feel the urge to help people live healthier lives? Are you the go-to person for Nutrition advice? Or do you feel you could offer a more rounded service as a personal trainer, health coach, acupuncturist, herbalist, yoga teacher etc? If you find yourself […]

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Kids holidays

The best kids holidays

Deciding on where to take the kids for the holidays can be a full time job! I have the propensity to spend FAR too much time researching destinations and venues and if I’m honest, using holiday research as a procrastination tool. It works very well in case you needed something to distract you from an […]

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diy baby wipes

Why you should ditch your beauty products!

diy-baby-wipes As a firm believer in keeping things as simple as possible I am in the process of ditching the whole bathroom cupboard full of ‘stuff’. By stuff I mean chemicals… I’ve long toyed with natural products and gone natural whenever I can. The difference in my skin when I go natural, and when I increase my nutrient levels, is extraordinary – I was pretty pleased when my beautician told me I had beautiful skin and I don’t THINK she said it to butter me up….incidentally if you want to give your skin a huge plumpness boost try upping your dose of Vitamin C. Personally I need 4-8gm per day during the winter. Anyhow…

Recently Moo Goo skin care sent me some samples to try and they were AMAZING. I may have good skin but my scalp is a mess; too many years of dying my blonde hair dark obviously…erm my mousey brown hair to blonde I mean. One wash with their shampoo and conditioner and my scalp was markedly less irritated. Once I added in their scalp cream my scalp felt like it could breathe again. I have now thrown out all of my other shampoo’s and am even aiming to learn to make my own dry shampoo (the godsend product for all busy mum’s!).

Anyhow, there is a stack of information around about chemicals in skin care but where do you start? A few years ago I worked on developing a skin care product range based on Manuka Honey and the project seemed to be never-ending! It was a minefield of unwanted and unused chemicals with contraindications but the chemicals are popular for two reasons: (more…)

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