About Emma

EmmaMy personal story

Growing up in Australia I was fortunate to be exposed to lots of tasty and fresh foods; Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai as well as fresh fruit and veges.

After trying vegetarianism for 7 years through secondary school and Uni I discovered it wasn't really for me; I felt tired and became anaemic although to be fair I didn't replace the meat portion of my diet very well and lived off pasta for dinners! This lead to me having IBS for a number of years. My IBS was managed while I was University and I now rarely have symptoms - unless I combine a high amount of stress with processed food. I'm pretty adept at changing foods and supplements around to manage it.

My IBS and a bout of tropical ulcers inspired me to study Natural Medicine at University. After I qualified I worked as a Nutritionist and have also worked in many commercial roles for food and nutrition supplement companies; learning how products are made and what goes into them is a great education for choosing the right supplements.

My favourite things in the world are my husband and two gorgeous sons. We love to go walking together, skiing and discovering new things about the world especially out in nature.

I’m passionate about transforming peoples relationship to food and health; coaching people to believe that achieving positive results is possible!I firmly believe that personal experience helps practitioners to fully understand their clients' needs and the 3 areas of particular interest to me are: women’s post natal health, digestive health and performance nutrition for sport.

I am a Qualified Nutritionist, a Health Writer and Speaker and general advocate for good food and quality nutrition supplements.  I'm the founder of Emma Nutrition and have an MSc in 'Nutritional Supplement Use in Runners'. Working with food and nutrition companies worldwide, I am lucky enough to make a living from what I love doing.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you better.