Emma Wight-Boycott

About Emma

Welcome to Emma Nutrition: where nutritional science meets foodie heaven!

I am a Qualified Nutritionist, a health writer and general advocate for quality foods, beverages and nutrition supplements.  I’m the founder of Emma Nutrition and Lime Foods and have an MSc in ‘Nutritional Supplement Use in Runners’.

Emma Wight-Boycott
For 20+ years I have worked with food, beverage and nutrition supplement companies worldwide. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of product development, manufacturing and marketing. My aim is to share this knowledge with a view to helping you live a better, healthier life more easily; to remove the need to analyse everything from scratch and to a certain extent ‘validate’ the quality products that are out there.

Scientific research is very important to me so I consistently study available literature. I am also aware that it sometimes takes time for research to catch up with anecdotal evidence.

Where food is concerned it needs to be healthy, nutritious or ethical to get my stamp of approval.

I hope you enjoy reading my tips, analysis, reviews and recipes!