A touch of Australia for my boys’ new cousin with these baby boots!

I must admit I struggle with finding the patience for socks and shoes on babies. In fact my baby mostly lives in baby grows for the reason that its now cold and he kicks socks off. Ive seen those little sock holdy on thingies and really must get some. Given that trying to get out of the house with a toddler, a baby and lively dog jumping around is a battle paramount to trying to balance jelly on a wet bouncy castle, my littlest man rarely gets to show his fashion savviness with shoes. He does, however, look pretty funky and stays nice and toasty warm in his little ugg boots. FYI Ugg boots to Australians are ‘ugly’ sheepskin boots to be worn as slippers. I must admit to letting my baby wear his outside the house. I think that is JUST about socially acceptable if you can’t yet walk – and get them soggy (like many an Ugg boot I’ve seen in London).

I hope the new addition likes his toasty boots as much as his cousins do 🙂

Here are the ones I bought.

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