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Fit Mama eBookWondering which foods to eat to fully nourish yourself and your baby or child is such a common question that I decided to write and record what I have learned. As a practicing Registered Nutritionist with a Masters degree in Nutrition (and most importantly as a Mum!) I have been able to explore and investigate different methods of weight management and dietary nourishment.

My findings may surprise you! This 10,000 word ebook is fully researched and referenced. It provides scientific explanations of macro and micro nutrient requirements and the delicate nature of hormones and their vast influence on hunger, satiation and mood.

As well as explaining the theory the book can be used immediately as a 28 day guide containing menu plans, shopping lists and recipes that are breast feeding friendly, tasty and uncomplicated to make.

Try a sample of the book here. (sample page turning visual to be inserted here)

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