10 foods to beat afternoon slump

10 of the best foods to beat the afternoon slump

10-foods-to-beat-afternoon-slumpIf you’ve ever suffered the afternoon munchies (like me!) or the brain-deadness that many of us feel around 3pm in the afternoon try these foods to see if you have some improvement in your symptoms. Factor them in as your afternoon snack but don’t have them in addition to a biscuit.

1. Chia seeds – high in Omega 3 oils as well as being a concentrated source of minerals Chia seeds can be made into balls with coconut oil and cocoa for a sweet tooth hit or soaked in water as a drink.

2. Cinnamon – high in Chromium cinnamon is the best spice for balancing blood sugar. Add it to a good quality coffee, tea or yoghurt. 70mcg of Chromium which can reduce blood glucose levels by up to 30%. 

3. Greek yoghurt – full fat and Greek is the way ahead when it comes to yoghurt. The healthy fats and probiotics can satisfy a sweet craving and give your tummy a healthy glow from the inside. Forget low fat as that just means high sugar which will give you an almighty crash afterward.

4. Coconut oil – often when we crave sugar we actually need more fat. A diet low in healthy fat (fat that hadn’t been processed) has been consistently shown to reduce body fat and increase metabolism.

5. Stevia – a plant that is 10 times sweeter than sugar Stevia can be used as a sugar replacement by using one tenth the volume of sugar eg 10gm of Stevia replaces 100gm of sugar. It has none of the side effects of artificial sweeteners but can have a slightly bitter aftertaste if you use too much.

6. Lentils – a great plant based source of minerals just 100gm of lentils provide 36% of daily Iron requirements. It is estimated that 70-80% of young healthy women are Iron deficient. Other very reliable sources of Iron are grass-fed beef and the supplement Spatone.

7. Walnuts – full of healthy fats, particularly one called alpha lipoid acid just 4 walnuts a day can reduce abdominal fat and increase brain function.

8. Almonds – a very good source of manganese and copper, two trace minerals that disarm free radicals produced within the mitochondria (the energy production factories within our cells), thus keep our energy levels up.

9. Whey protein – increasing your protein intake can often combat the cause of afternoon slumps – blood sugar imbalance. Adding protein to your lunch and removing processed carbs is the single best way to balance your blood sugar as well as trying a whey protein supplement or food such as Purition’s whey and seed drinks.

10. Kombucha tea – this probiotic drink is iced tea made of black tea, sugar and a Scoby (a living organism). The Scoby munches the sugar and metabolises it so you don’t actually consume any of it. It is high in probiotics that can settle a tummy that’s craving unhealthy foods and it is slightly effervescent so is refreshing.

Have you tried these foods? What do you use to beat the energy slump? Do you think its possible to prevent the slump with a good diet and supplements?

This article was written by Emma and is also printed at My Daily.

7 thoughts on “10 of the best foods to beat the afternoon slump”

  1. For #5 do you think monk fruit (luo han guo) would have the same effect as stevia? I work with both in product development and I prefer luo han for it’s tropical zest, plus less metallic bitterness at larger doses.

    1. That’s a good point. Anything that doesn’t cause a blood sugar spike but that also isn’t carcinogenic (like artificial sweeteners) is good. Stevia can get a tad bitter at large doses.

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